New Name


Here’s a little of the back story…
2020 was quite a year. For me, as for many, life as I knew it stopped. The constant motion that I kept myself in – had no outlet. The tasks I set up for myself to somehow prove my worth weren’t available. The distractions that I used to keep myself from feeling, weren’t open. And with that machine I had created, now driven to a halt, I noticed, really quickly, what wasn’t working. My job changed, my relationship changed, I moved – and I was invited by Spirit to go within.

My only outlet for creative expression was teaching breathwork and sound classes online. When once, I would sing to a room full of live humans, whose energetic signature and response I could feel and adjust to; I now sat behind a computer singing to some names on the screen. I realized that the only thing that was going to translate through this virtual space was my connection to myself. So, I started deepening that connection.

I got the message, early on in Covid, that WE ARE STILL CREATOR GODS AND WE CONTINUE TO CREATE WHAT COMES NEXT. My desire remained to be part of the positive co-creation of this paradigm shift that we are currently undergoing. I spent more time in nature and deepened my practice of praying for the Earth. I fell in love with setting sacred space outdoors – and I fell in love with joining the symphony of plants, sun, trees and mountains singing praise to God. I began learning about temples and sacred sites and studying, at length, the use of sound vibration to activate these earth temples and planetary grids. I sent energy to the Earth and listened to her messages. I communed with the spirits of the land and learned how to let them clean me and guide me. I fell more deeply in love with God.

By the end of 2020, I got really honest with myself. Was I living my full potential or was I coasting? What choices was I making with my time and my energy? WHAT DID I ACTUALLY WANT TO BE DOING?

So, in 2021, I made a determination to change, to call myself out where I was stagnant – and I committed to doing things differently. I was in love with these Earth practices and spending all my free time learning & receiving more. I could see the need for humans to understand and participate in restoring and maintaining the sacredness of the Earth, of self and other. I knew I had something to contribute. Yet, there were areas in my life in which I felt stuck and very frustrated. As I identified the “causes” of my frustration, the common theme was not being heard or listened to. So, I asked myself, where am I not listening to myself? What changes are my spirit asking me to make? And for what reason – to stay safe, to be responsible, to be helpful – am I not making these changes?

The changes were big. For months, I continued on – adjusting a little – but still NOT taking the drastic steps that life was asking me to. I was so scared. Finally, it all came to a head when I was doing everything in my power to keep everything going – to keep all my plates spinning – to work all the jobs and pay all the people with whom I had commitments. One day, I realized it hadn’t worked. I couldn’t pay. My plan of self restraint, self sacrifice and savings hadn’t worked. And I realized, if me playing it safe wasn’t working then maybe I ACTUALLY needed to NOT play it safe. Maybe I actually needed to follow my inner guidance and THAT was the thing that was going to carry me through.

It was a wild idea – that maybe my spirit knew better than my mind did. And even though I have gone out on a limb so many times, trusted the universe so many times; this time all I could hear was the old familiar voices in my head telling me to stay where I was – STAY SO YOU’LL BE SAFE!

But in a whirlwind moment, I just let go. I finally followed my inner guidance. I let go of old commitments and I went on a journey.

I went to Hawaii to commune with the land and make ceremony to restore the preeminence of its wild nature and its native traditions. I led a women’s retreat. I worked with children as musical director for a play about the need for us to listen & sing to the spirit of the water to help restore balance in our oceans. I learned culture and tradition and was cleansed by the land, fire, winds and waters.

Then I went to the desert and sat in the hot dry sun and sang to the mountains and made offerings to the heart of the earth. I prayed to know WHO I AM and WHAT I DO.  I prayed to be shown what Spirit is expressing uniquely through me. I prayed to be shown my name that holds this NEW vibration of self.

I let me hair get dirty and wild. I walked barefoot. I learned that the greatest thing we can do is Bless others – bless the earth, bless the forests, bless the soil, bless the water, bless the children, bless our families, bless our enemies, bless the mountains, bless the nations, bless God. And that our blessings are like rolling thunder bringing rain to long parched land, restoring goodness, balance, harmony and unity upon the Earth.

And I heard my NEW NAME – my new name that holds my purpose – that transforms my being and alters my path as I become this new version of myself. It has taken so much courage for me to get here and share these words. I’ve avoided it, yet craved it my whole life.

TODAY, I introduce myself to you.

I AM REYA MANNA – I AM A SINGER OF HEAVENLY SUBSTANCE. I carry the lineage of the Song Keepers – the Song Catchers, the Song Line carriers – we restore balance and harmony on the Earth through singing the songs of the lands long forgotten; so that we, the body of Our Mother Earth, may remember who we are and live accordingly.

I am starting THE SONGKEEPER SCHOOL – for those who feel called to join me in this mission.


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