The other night I had a dream in which I was shown what balance is. There was a very fine line – or a crack between the dark and light. There I was shown a child – with her impetuous nature – insisting and demanding, driven by her desires. She was not allowed access through this crack. She could not walk in this space; purely, because she couldn’t even see it. She didn’t even know it was there.
Then I was shown a woman. She could learn to enter here and exist here in balance. She had tempered her desires, learned how to live in moderation, learned how to ask before acting, learned how to pray, learned how to sing with the earth and channel the stars. She was gifted with balance and therefore, could enter the worlds of Spirit.

Once within – it was clear that balance is a steady state. And balance brings health, harmony, wholeness. But it is not a balance that says, “either” “or”. It is a balance that says MORE – more of everything – more Spiritual Light, more Love, more Health. Balance is the mix of all of who we are. It is not allowing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It is allowing all of who we are and all of what we need. This brings balance.

We are of the earth. The earth is constantly flowing us life and energy – prana – life force. It is air, oxygen – which we breathe; gravity – which holds our fragile bodies together; warmth – which holds us; vibration, motion – and so, so much more. We are constantly being fed.

We are of the Heavens. Divine Light and Love are constantly flowing through us and Sourcing us – replenishing our Energy bodies, cleaning us out, generating the power to act and be in the world. This is who we are.

Balance is not one or the other – it is fully and completely both! We, human beings, are so fully and completely BOTH! It is living in and receiving all the blessings of the earth, as well as living in and receiving all the Blessings of the stars. Balance is more of everything – more knowledge, wisdom, Love, Truth. It is the receiving of more that brings about a balanced state – and health and harmony.
In balance we give everything!! We give EVERYTHING! And we receive EVERYTHING! We realize that we are One body – that all Beings, that this earth, is One body – and we exist in this collective field of existence. Therefore, you are me and I am you.

After this dream, I went into prayer. I prayed to be lifted to fly high with the great eagle and mighty condor – to see high above this earth plane – to see the rising sun and be aligned with the energies of Light coming in on the new dawn. Then I felt myself flying as the eagle. I saw myself carried by the air – by the unseen – by Spirit. I realized that we are completely carried by the unseen, by the Spiritual worlds. It supports our breath. It supports the winds or the currents that flow and guide our lives’directions. As the eagle, we are the one working the controls, working the body, choosing and flowing, intentionalizing and surrendering – but we are carried by the wind, by the currents of the unseen. We must choose both – charting our course AND releasing to the currents of life – exert and release – in a constant dance.

Balance is the masculine force AND the feminine receptivity – the will and the surrender; the union and the merging of the Divine and earthly energies; the union and the merging of the Light and the Dark.
In this world there is much talk of Light. Light has many forms and frequencies. The True Light is that which brings greater harmony, health, peace, happiness and Joy.

In this world, there is much misinformation about Dark – of course, because the darkness is shrouded in shadows and mystery and the unknown. But, the true Dark, is actually the fertile Void of the Mother, of the Divine Feminine – the fertile Void, in which can be planted infinite seeds of Light, seeds of potential.

In the darkness within each of us are those parts of us that we don’t see, that we can’t see, that we won’t see. It is our unconsciousness, in which the seeds of our past traumas, hurts, abuses, anger, fear, and doubts reside. These seeds bloom to life unbenounced to us. It is not the dark to be afraid of – it is what we have planted in the darkness out of our unconsciousness. As we go into the dark, into our shadow, we begin to reclaim the parts of ourselves that we have hidden here, we alchemize the old seeds of fear into seeds of Love. We do this by facing our fears and loving ourselves through it. As we face what is hidden in the darkness, we clean it up and we can then populate our creation with that which we choose – with Love, with Peace, with Harmony, with all good things, with all things that bring balance.

As we heal, we realize that the dark is a vast landscape of possibility for the emergence of new life. As we heal, then we can consciously plant seeds of Light in the darkness. This brings balance. This is the walk between worlds.

The beauty of this walk and this work is that what we heal for one of us, we heal for all. We are all interconnected in this cosmic web of life – always another’s and another is always ours. Living life with a humble, grateful Heart, we are graced and gifted with balance from the unseen worlds of Spirit. As we each walk this way it lightens the darkness for All!

Blessings for all Beings on this Earth, seen and unseen, known and unknown – to walk in balance and Love.

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