We are all reflecting the One voice of the collective consciousness. We are all beating the One Heartbeat of the Collective Soul of this planet. We are Divine Creation – made of a mixture of stars and earth – energy and matter – song and substance.

When we knowingly come together in this dance of Joy – in the Oneness of who we are – complete transformation occurs.

From time immemorial, people have gathered on this earth in ceremony and song -honoring the seasons, honoring the tides, honoring the directions, honoring birth, honoring death, honoring the elements, honoring the pulsing, beating, undulating, changing tides of life. Coming together in the Oneness of individuals, of families, of tribes, of nations, of people in order to manifest a vision, a dream, a hope.

This time in history is unprecedented in terms of the opportunity we have to come together in a global community and join our voices, our hearts, our bodies in shared intention for all things good – for balance, for harmony, for peace. And never has there been more of a need for it than now.

We each hold a piece of this puzzle. We each hold a dream within our Hearts of something that we want more than anything, something that we stand for, something that opens our Hearts and let’s us breathe more deeply.

Do we all want the same thing?  No.

Yet, when we come together, each of us holding so strongly to the feeling sense of our Heart’s deepest longing, and we dance and we sing and we love and we cry and we pray – we bring all things good into being. Whatever it is that activates our Soul, activates our heart, activates our passion – is our entry point into enacting great planetary change. Transformation does not come from stagnant heart or stale breath. It comes from the fire within – a fire that burns so hot and so deep and so bright that it brings new life to all within reach of its glow. You contain that fire within you. You give birth to it by your very belief in yourself and in your own dreams.

All great change that has occurred throughout the ages has been birthed out of someone’s dream. Someone or a group of people believed in something first – despite all appearances, despite all odds, despite statistics or current social, economic, or political climate. Look at Nelson Mandela. Look at Ghandi. Our belief in something ushers in a potential future for the planet. What future do we want to see?

Now is our opportunity to believe….

When we stand so full of awe – so full of all we hold dear – full of the love of our children, of peace on earth, of clean water, of clean air, of free energy, of trade economy, of sustainability – whatever it is – when we stand and we act and we talk and we breathe and we walk in the fullness of all we hold dear – this is all there is. There is nothing to fight against. There is just the call for. And by the laws of physics, the laws of the universe, the force of your very Being flows that which you want into existence for all Beings.

This world operates on a system of shared currency (a little known fact) – the currency is giving. On this planet, we live as an organic whole – all Beings – seen and unseen, great and small, animal, vegetable or mineral. And what we give into the system and to the system is exactly what we get. There has been an illusion perpetrated that we can exist on this earth with our thoughts, words and actions having little or no consequence. This has given rise to the state of the planet – the climate change, the poverty, the war, the abuse, the violence, the starvation, the disease, the mental and emotional depravity. We get away with nothing. This is a completely judicious system.

The remedy is – identify what it is that you want and give that to others. Identify what others want and give that. See what the earth needs and give that. Give! And Love – Love balances everything out. Give first! Love first! All in deep, deep gratitude.

To quote a dear friend, “This is us.” All of this is us.

To quote Nelly Furtado, “Life is too short to live it just for you.”

We are on the precipice of a huge turning point for humanity and the only way to make it through is together. Together.

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