Call to Action

Love! The more we Love, the more we open to the higher realms, the more we raise our vibration, face our shadow, and live our Joy, others around us attune to our vibration and become this themselves. We are the change we want to see in the world – and we Love no matter what! We love fully, no matter what! Because we are all this interwoven cosmic web, held together by our belief in one another, held together by our Love for ourselves and one another. If one of us drops out the whole web is jeopardized and has to fumble and compensate. We have to Love so fully, because we have no idea whose life we may be saving, no idea the impact we are making on the world. We may never see the full impact. But we need to do it anyway. And when we do it, we meet others who are doing it, and we recognize each other and we know we come from the stars and are mixed with the earth – and we know that our dreams build the future. Let’s dream the future together!

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