New Name


Here’s a little of the back story…
2020 was quite a year. For me, as for many, life as I knew it stopped. The constant motion that I kept myself in – had no outlet. The tasks I set up for myself to somehow prove my worth weren’t available. The distractions that I used to keep myself from feeling, weren’t open. And with that machine I had created, now driven to a halt, I noticed, really quickly, what wasn’t working. My job changed, my relationship changed, I moved – and I was invited by Spirit to go within.

My only outlet for creative expression was teaching breathwork and sound classes online. When once, I would sing to a room full of live humans, whose energetic signature and response I could feel and adjust to; I now sat behind a computer singing to some names on the screen. I realized that the only thing that was going to translate through this virtual space was my connection to myself. So, I started deepening that connection.

I got the message, early on in Covid, that WE ARE STILL CREATOR GODS AND WE CONTINUE TO CREATE WHAT COMES NEXT. My desire remained to be part of the positive co-creation of this paradigm shift that we are currently undergoing. I spent more time in nature and deepened my practice of praying for the Earth. I fell in love with setting sacred space outdoors – and I fell in love with joining the symphony of plants, sun, trees and mountains singing praise to God. I began learning about temples and sacred sites and studying, at length, the use of sound vibration to activate these earth temples and planetary grids. I sent energy to the Earth and listened to her messages. I communed with the spirits of the land and learned how to let them clean me and guide me. I fell more deeply in love with God.

By the end of 2020, I got really honest with myself. Was I living my full potential or was I coasting? What choices was I making with my time and my energy? WHAT DID I ACTUALLY WANT TO BE DOING?

So, in 2021, I made a determination to change, to call myself out where I was stagnant – and I committed to doing things differently. I was in love with these Earth practices and spending all my free time learning & receiving more. I could see the need for humans to understand and participate in restoring and maintaining the sacredness of the Earth, of self and other. I knew I had something to contribute. Yet, there were areas in my life in which I felt stuck and very frustrated. As I identified the “causes” of my frustration, the common theme was not being heard or listened to. So, I asked myself, where am I not listening to myself? What changes are my spirit asking me to make? And for what reason – to stay safe, to be responsible, to be helpful – am I not making these changes?

The changes were big. For months, I continued on – adjusting a little – but still NOT taking the drastic steps that life was asking me to. I was so scared. Finally, it all came to a head when I was doing everything in my power to keep everything going – to keep all my plates spinning – to work all the jobs and pay all the people with whom I had commitments. One day, I realized it hadn’t worked. I couldn’t pay. My plan of self restraint, self sacrifice and savings hadn’t worked. And I realized, if me playing it safe wasn’t working then maybe I ACTUALLY needed to NOT play it safe. Maybe I actually needed to follow my inner guidance and THAT was the thing that was going to carry me through.

It was a wild idea – that maybe my spirit knew better than my mind did. And even though I have gone out on a limb so many times, trusted the universe so many times; this time all I could hear was the old familiar voices in my head telling me to stay where I was – STAY SO YOU’LL BE SAFE!

But in a whirlwind moment, I just let go. I finally followed my inner guidance. I let go of old commitments and I went on a journey.

I went to Hawaii to commune with the land and make ceremony to restore the preeminence of its wild nature and its native traditions. I led a women’s retreat. I worked with children as musical director for a play about the need for us to listen & sing to the spirit of the water to help restore balance in our oceans. I learned culture and tradition and was cleansed by the land, fire, winds and waters.

Then I went to the desert and sat in the hot dry sun and sang to the mountains and made offerings to the heart of the earth. I prayed to know WHO I AM and WHAT I DO.  I prayed to be shown what Spirit is expressing uniquely through me. I prayed to be shown my name that holds this NEW vibration of self.

I let me hair get dirty and wild. I walked barefoot. I learned that the greatest thing we can do is Bless others – bless the earth, bless the forests, bless the soil, bless the water, bless the children, bless our families, bless our enemies, bless the mountains, bless the nations, bless God. And that our blessings are like rolling thunder bringing rain to long parched land, restoring goodness, balance, harmony and unity upon the Earth.

And I heard my NEW NAME – my new name that holds my purpose – that transforms my being and alters my path as I become this new version of myself. It has taken so much courage for me to get here and share these words. I’ve avoided it, yet craved it my whole life.

TODAY, I introduce myself to you.

I AM REYA MANNA – I AM A SINGER OF HEAVENLY SUBSTANCE. I carry the lineage of the Song Keepers – the Song Catchers, the Song Line carriers – we restore balance and harmony on the Earth through singing the songs of the lands long forgotten; so that we, the body of Our Mother Earth, may remember who we are and live accordingly.

I am starting THE SONGKEEPER SCHOOL – for those who feel called to join me in this mission.


Our Contribution

Among the greatest contributions we can make to the earth & one another is living with the awareness that all of life is interconnected.

An image came to me of our world as though held together by an interwoven web and network of belief – belief in one another, belief in ourselves, belief in our world. And just how important each and every one of us is. If one of us drops out of this network of belief, the whole web is jeopardized and has to fumble to compensate. We truly have no idea whose life we may be saving just by existing on this earth. We truly have no idea the impact we are making on the world. We may never see the full impact.

How do we make the greatest contribution? Through Love, through kindness, through compassion, through always holding the image of the highest potential for ourselves and for others. Not in terms of something we have to constantly strive for, but never quite achieve – but instead as an energetic blueprint into which others step in. With our belief we create realities. The more of us that unify our belief toward a harmonious world the easier it is for the world to become that. Every great change that has occured on this planet began with an idea – a belief, which, when held to and fought for and shared and spread became action – but all from the seed of an idea, watered by belief.

So, take inventory of those you love, of the highest possibility for your life and for the planet – and believe in them, believe in it! And let your belief define your character, define your life – and be among the great contributions to this earth.

The Wise and The Wild Woman

What space has been acceptable for women to hold in the “modern” world – the world of the last few thousand years?

I find that there is a dichotomy connected with the very self-definition with which young girls are raised – that then translates into an internal split in identity that women must overcome in order to fully embody. This dichotomy is between what can be termed as the “Wild” and the “Wise” Woman.

I see these energies paralleled to an extent in the dichotomy of two “seemingly” rival archetypes – the prostitute and the queen. I fell into their mix reluctantly – battling both their dominant traits – succumbing to the grief of both of their plights – and realizing that my own freedom and that of the feminine on a whole is linked to the merging of the two.

The Queen sits aloft, the sovereign ruler of her domain. She is poise, she is grace. She is beauty and perfection embodied. She exercises the utmost integrity in all her actions – for the fate of the entire kingdom rests in her hands. She is certainly one to be admired.

The Prostitute is on the opposite spectrum. She is wild, she is untamed. She will look into the soul of a person and give them exactly what they want in order that she may have what she wants. She will manipulate and seduce. She will abandon all values, rules and expectations. She is crass, she is bold, and she throws aside all inhibitions. She will sell out to varying degrees in order to accomplish a goal. For she has a lack that she is in need of filling.

For the last several thousand years women have occupied these positions. On the one hand, the queen, the mother, the good, the responsible. On the other hand, the desperate, the seductress, the barterer.

Yet, these two women come side by side under the lens of male-female patterns of coupling and relating – and are so fully entrenched in our family genetic lineages and our DNA that they have remained unseen. Often women fall into the stereotype of one or the other – the queen praised, while the prostitute demonized – yet they are two sides of the same coin.

Historically, in context of male/female relations and coupling, men, even kings married, yet had consorts on the side. There was a model of the good wife – the one who must be pleased – and then there was a model of the “other” women to whom the good wife’s husband would go to for pleasure and comfort. This carried on for so long that it has become entrenched in a certain part of the psyche – unconsciously conditioning women to choose to be one or the other.

The sacrifice of the queen is great! She is stoic and steadfast, hard working and pure, while her king is not fully satisfied by her presence alone. The consort, the prostitute, holds the dirty secrets and fulfills man’s desires, yet is no companion for a king. So, what have we done with the state of male-female relating? We have set women and men apart in saying that a man needs two women to fulfill himself – one good, one bad – thus creating a huge rift in the masculine consciousness by creating a war with his own desires — and, we, creating a huge rift in the feminine consciousness by saying that a woman isn’t enough to keep her man. This puts the woman in the role of policing the man’s thoughts and actions and cultivating even greater separation. Who is more adored? Who will we choose to be or be with? With a choice of one or the other, we are left broken and incomplete.

By the Grace of God, by naming the split, we bring consciousness to it and it can be healed!

The dichotomy is actually in the dynamic of taking and giving – for, in male-female relating, it is implied that the queen IS GIVEN TO – and that the prostitute IS TAKEN FROM. We must restore the equilibrium in male-female relating so that there is a balance between taking and giving – otherwise both partners feel overburdened by the lack thereof.

In our desire for wholeness, man must be able to have his pious good woman, who is also the greatest igniter of his passion and his deepest desires – AND woman must be able to embody both her righteous responsible goddess, as well as be her wild, untamed seductress.

We don’t want to be split anymore. It is in this split of acceptability that we create rejection of fundamental parts of ourselves and then we war with our own mind OR we make choices, we make concessions based on our perception of our limited options. YET, THERE ARE NO LIMITS! We can have it ALL – and we MUST have it ALL coming from the deepest degree of forgiveness, compassion and self-Love.

We are in the process of healing a deep rift that is reflective in the relationships between the masculine and feminine on an interpersonal level as well as in terms of our relationship with our planet and the divine feminine representations there of.

We look to the water, we look to the Earth and, as a collective, we have treated her as the prostitute, seeking only to take from her and exploit her resources; taking the comfort of her love and exploiting it for our own ends. We must raise her to the status of our queen. Yet, she desires to give to us to! WE must mend our faulty perceptions around giving, and the belief that giving leaves us with nothing. For the prostitute and the queen to occupy the same space, the queen’s integrity must remain intact and the prostitute’s ability to please must remain intact. We must find a balance of integrity and service – blending and overlapping – ebbing and flowing.

For man, HE must allow his woman to be his queen, to be worshipped and be adored and he also must trust her enough to share with her his deepest darkest secrets and desires and be accepted by her – and in the space of Love all is healed.

For woman, SHE must allow her man to be her strength, her fortress, her protector and she also must trust him enough to open her body, her dreams, her heart and be accepted by him for them – and in the space of Love all is healed.

For only in the authentic expression of our being can we truly come together as one. We are DONE with the self-edit. The default function of withholding ALL of who we are from the space. We need to embody FULLY. We need to be able to be WILD and WISE – ALL OF US!

For as WISE, we are heart-centered and kind. We KNOW and we trust. We are in our FULLNESS and in this fullness; we can hold space for and celebrate the fullness of each other. For only when we are living our OWN life can we sit back satisfied and enjoy the appearances that each character makes on the stage of our drama.

As WILD, we can cast aside limits and expectations. We can be crass, bold and untamed. We can throw aside all inhibitions. We know our own soul and are unapologetically authentic in the honoring of THAT – for our spirit is FREE and we fulfill our own dreams! We are WILDLY ourselves, because this life is OUR OWN.

TOGETHER, we are WISE and we are WILD and we are healed, whole – and in Union we walk.

  • excerpted from “The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine” by Karen Seva

Awakened Parenting

We are never alone. The Highest Expression of Parenting is the realization of the interconnectedness of all of us – and taking the responsibility of doing our best with what we have – so as to make the world a better place, if we have biological children or if we don’t. Truly, we are all fathers and mother, sons and daughter, brothers and sisters of each other.

When we choose to awaken, when we embrace the gifts of our family and choose to evolve consciously, we gift all generations future and past and we also honor our children by giving them new fuel with which to create a beautiful life. In addition, we allow for the possibility of a different future outcome to occur.

When we awaken, we transcend linear outcomes, and allow for the entrance of a Higher Power and an outcome sourced by Divine Presence. Awakening is, literally, the saving Grace. For once we step out of karma, out of our conditioned patterning and our mind, there is a space for something greater to step in!

The greatest gift we can give to our children is to AWAKEN, is to be the full expression of ourselves – NO MATTER WHAT! They need us to do it! Even if it doesn’t look like we may have wanted it to look. There is no judgment. Only WE know if we are doing what we need to do. As long as we are true to our hearts, to goodness, to our highest vibrational expression, to our highest calling and we approach life with bravery and vigor – these are the characteristics that we are passing on to our children and to each other! We pass on the capacity for a rich full life, sparked from the creative impulse of life itself. Our children need this – so that they can do it!

The other day, I was watching my daughter play – watching her run, watching her dance and sing, get chased, get disappointed. I realized that she is inheriting the life I am living and have lived. She is inheriting the way I’ve been treated, the disappointments I’ve felt, any lack of self-worth I have had – as well as my joy, my success and the Love I’ve known. I see myself on her face, in her walk, in her innocent nature.

When I see her playing out a behavior or difficult experience that I have had, it comes to the forefront so poignantly of just how much I want her to have it better. I have seen that when I heal, when I grow and when I become present, she does as well. It’s like osmosis.

Then I realized that it is how much we’ve become conscious that is the legacy we leave our children and our children’s children – in their bodies, in their minds, with their Spirit. We have to bring the light of awareness to our darkness. We have to face ourselves. When we do, we show them a better way forward. When we do, we show each other a better way forward.

The gateway to all human connection is our relationship with our “mother” and our “father”. Our mothers teach us how to relate to women by how they relate to us. Our fathers teach us how to relate to men by how they relate to us. We learn how to expect to be treated by how our parents treat one another.

Children come in as transmitters, right from the beginning, broadcasting the love signals in their family lineage that drew them to embody in this particular group, time and space. When we’re children we love and we love and we love. It’s like a radio signal being broadcast. How our parents respond teaches us the degree to which the universe is a friendly and benevolent place that meets our needs.

If no one hears or responds to the signal we get a stuck motion – a part of us remains in that time where we were broadcasting the signal; the dynamic behind repeating patterns of abuse. The rest of “us”, the rest of our “consciousness” may move on – but not completely. A part of us stays in that “room” waiting for our signal to be received. Some stuck signals have been stuck in family heritages for generations.

We have stuck signals in our cultural, religions as well as our societal groups. These are areas where, as a collective, we have asked for change or reform or HELP. When these cries go unanswered, we all get stuck. For each and every one of us holds an additional piece of the puzzle. We MUST listen to all voices in order for the whole to be complete. Each child born is a new demonstration of the listening and the action that is being asked for. Each child born is a representation of how the system treats one another, with an opportunity to grow and to heal. Once the signal is received, the whole person is then able to move on to create a new vibrational trajectory and life path. When one is heard, the entire collective is freed to move on from the repetition of this same cycle. We are inextricably intertwined.

Love is the signal that shows us the way.

At this time, there is literally, an army of Light workers being born onto the Earth – and THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN.

These highly evolved beings have come to teach us and to usher in the dawning of the Age of Peace on Earth.

There is only one way into this planetary system and that is by being born. All beings, regardless of their celestial ancestry can only get into the system via the same route as everyone else. They must choose parents, take on the clothing of those genetic lineages and be born into a human form housed by the debts and gifts of the parents they chose. Once inside, in order to “wake up”, they have to go through the karmic lineage of the heredity and bring consciousness to it. They must wake up inside the dream that they put themselves to sleep into, in order that they may fulfill their mission. They MUST wake up from inside the illusion that they had to inhabit in order to get here. Once they WAKE UP, the whole game changes.

Within the children of this world, as is true with all human beings, there is a Divine Spark, a Divine Principle which is the Principle of Divine Intelligence and Pure Perfection. Each spark is coded with a mission, a purpose to fulfill, a gift to give. In order for these gifts to be given, for the purposes to be realized, ONE MUST REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE, One MUST remember the unseen world from which they came. One MUST remember the GREATER picture. Here we are at the dawn of this great remembering!

In this world, at this time, it is our job to create the space for the remembering to occur. It is necessary for each of us to awaken to our fullness then create portals for others to do the same. This is especially the case with children. The children who are being born NOW are such powerful beings, once awakened, that their survival and ours is dependent upon their remembering.

They will remember on their own, just like they will create the inventions they came to create, reform the laws they came here to reform, transform the environment, eliminate the waste in the oceans, clean the nuclear contamination sites, source the world with free energy, end poverty, revolutionize education. They will do these things out of the creative impetus of their own Divine Soul Blueprint that they were programmed with by the Great Architect of the Universe for the survival of life on Earth. They will do these things and far greater. Yet, in order to achieve this they must touch, they must see, glimpses of the energetic truth of which they know within their Soul, so as to activate.

Our service to them is in LISTENING to them; creating spaces where they can play and they can dream and they can use their imagination to create and build and explore; feeding them clean foods to support their healthy bodies and healthy minds; working on our issues; being these windows ourselves, with our presence and our love, which allows them to see that version of themselves that they came here to BE.

We MUST give them our belief in them – release them from structures that seek to dominate, control and suppress their creativity – and encourage them to HAVE A VOICE! SPEAK IT! SING IT! KNOW IT!

Done are the days of “keeping quiet”. Finished are the days in which the “good” little boys and girls sit in the corner and behave – not seen or heard! NOW IS THE TIME WHEN THE TRUTH GETS TOLD! The children are here to tell us the truth!

Once, when my daughter was very young, we were getting ready to go to the park to play. I was putting on her coat and I said, “Sweetheart, we’re going to play with your friends!” She said, “Mommy, are we going to play with your friends too?” I realized in that moment, what we expect from our children, in terms of making friends, playing together, sharing, and getting along. I asked myself, “Am I doing that? Could I do that? What did the world look like if I decided to approach all people as my friends?”

When we listen to the children, they give us the answers. When we awaken, we make the space for them to lead us into the future. When we awaken, Peace reigns on Earth.

– excerpted from the book, “The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine” by Karen Seva, MDiv, MSW.

The Awakening World

THE AWAKENING WORLD: The Return of the Divine Feminine

is a new book by Karen Seva, MDiv, MSW. The following are passages excerpted from the book.

It is being heralded by the sunlight, whispered on the winds, danced by the leaves on the trees, sung by the flowers – announced by the chaos ensuing in societal run structures – Change is here! A new day is dawning. The World is Awakening!

We are at the crux of great global change. A change which requires all of us in order for our world to survive and thrive. We are being asked to hear, once again, the voices of the forgotten – the earth, the native peoples, the water, the winds, the Great Mother herself. We are being called higher to see a new world emerging through the light of the coming dawn.

“The Awakening World” reinstates the voice of the Divine Feminine into the discussion of Enlightenment as a means of impacting the evolution of human consciousness and the continuation of life on earth.


What is Awakening? What is Enlightenment? An age old question – spanning time immemorial.

Awakening is given different names in different cultures – Enlightenment, Samadhi, Nirvana, Moksha, Bodhi, Kevala Jnana. Simply put, this is the state of full understanding.

What we have learned of enlightenment has been through the eyes of those who have succeeded in the withdrawal from the world, the renunciation of all pleasures and desires, so as to reach a steady state of pure bliss beyond the world of form – a timeless space of peace and tranquility.

So, in terms of enlightenment, what is the model that we have come to understand?

We read about enlightened yogis or holy men who have traveled into the mountains or the forests, left their families in order to seek something greater, something more lasting. When we look at the authors of the books and these enlightened masters themselves – who are they? They are primarily men. The stories we have been told are those of individualism, warrior mentality and the need to overcome. Time, space, primal desires, the world itself are to be conquered.

Humanity, as a collective, is emerging out of a predominantly masculine paradigm, out of the era of individualism and the lone wolf mentality. We are coming into a time of greater archetypal balance between the masculine and the feminine energies. With balance, comes the restoration of other pieces of the puzzle that we may have missed along the way.

As our world is waking up, what are the other parts of the story? What is the story of the Earth herself, the Divine Mother? How does the reinsertion of her perspective shift our awareness and experience of Awakening and our access to It? How does our expanded awareness impact the evolution of human consciousness and life on Earth?

The story of the Enlightened Mother, of the Enlightened Feminine is the woman’s parallel journey in the evolution of human consciousness.

In the world of duality – there are are two halves that make a whole. When we examine the primary historical model of enlightenment in the context that it is only half the story – it leaves us open to new possibilities. There exists a female counterpart to the male model of overcoming and conquering. Women have been playing out a part of the collective saga leading us toward something greater.

Therefore, what does enlightenment then look like through the lens of a woman? How can the reintegration of this half of the whole not bring greater balance and more healing to the world?

Women are mothers. The portals through which human life enters this Earth plane. They are the caretakers of the young. The heart of the family. What if the love of the Mother represents a new paradigm of enlightenment that involves – not leaving the world – but staying in it? Actually, the continuation of life on Earth is necessitated by her act of STAYING and allowing the Divine Love to be anchored in the world through her participation HERE.

There is a new conversation brewing. There is a new dialogue taking shape in hearths and homes around the world. With the current state of affairs – poverty, natural disasters, global warming, the diminishing of our top soil, deforestation, the mining of Earth, the oil spills, the contamination of our waters – there is a message emerging, at first in just a whisper, and now LOUD and CLEAR.

If we continue to seek to leave our world, what world will we have left?

What if the reintegration of the feminine counterpart of Enlightenment is an essential component in shifting our relationship to our planet and to each other in just a radical enough way to SAVE it?

On a mundane and unconscious level, by throwing waste aside on the street, by not caring for the hearts and feelings of our loved ones or of strangers, by the supposition that what is happening in the world or in our communities has nothing to do with us, by retreating into drugs, alcohol, TV, movies, media – we are demonstrating that the world we live in is not the one we want; that the world we live in doesn’t matter. What happens if again and again by our lack of presence and conscious choice we deny the world we live in?

On a highly spiritual plane, by denying the “reality” of the maya of existence, by seeking to withdraw all energy from this physical material plane, by leaving our families and renouncing the world – we are demonstrating that the world we live in is not the one we want. What happens if again and again by our lack of presence and choice to participate in this field of existence we deny the world we live in?

One day years ago while walking down the street in New York City it occurred to me – what good is using this world to seek enlightenment, if there is no world to be born into?

In my mind, I heard the spiritual debate…
“Once we are enlightened we won’t need a world to be born into.” I asked, but what about those others who are in this world and not enlightened? What happens to them? I heard in my mind, “once you are enlightened you will know there is no one else”. Yet, the reality that hit me and that brought this line of questioning into focus is the fact that I have children. While I am enmeshed in this higher spiritual debate, they are living in a world that is deteriorating and they need me. That must mean something! Even if, in some alternate expression of my existence, my karma doesn’t necessitate the birth of children – this one did, so how can I make the best of it?

Perhaps, instead of seeking to leave – through whatever kind of material or spiritual escapism, we choose to STAY – not just stay in the muck and the mire, but stay because we have something the world needs. Each and every one of us has been born into this world with a gift to give. We each have a piece of the puzzle with which we can make the world BETTER. WE are the bridge to a new world – to clean water, to clean air, to no more war, to community harmony, to education, to health, to a safe world for our children.

Every choice, thought, feeling, action, desire, hope, dream and wish that we have is an opportunity to help heal the world!

Enlightenment, Awakening is available in the moment – by choosing to be in it – 100%! By doing our best with what we have!

RIGHT NOW is the SUM of every hope, dream, and intention that we have ever made! Right now is the pathway to our dreams coming true. Right now! Simultaneously, looking up towards the Highest Heavens AND down towards the Earth. Increasing our compassion. Treating each other with kindness. Treating the Earth with kindness. Bringing consciousness to all our actions. Realizing God AND remembering humanity – for we are one and the same. In this process, the world changes for the BETTER. Any one of us can only truly be FREE when ALL of us are FREE.

As we embody the warrior strength of the father by standing up for what is right AND embody the compassion and care of the mother, we find our way to our truth – our truth which is Divine Truth. EACH and EVERY ONE of us has this fire of greatness within.

Humanity needs ALL of us to FULLY PARTICIPATE in order for the world to BE its highest expression. The world NEEDS us to STAY and bring the energy of AWAKENING TO THE EARTH – so that IT MAY LIVE – and LIFE MAY CONTINUE!

To purchase this book in its entirety, “The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine” by Karen Seva, MDiv, MSW for a limited time price of $1,


Blessings and Namaste!

The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine

We are at the crux of great global change. A change which requires all of us in order for our world to survive and thrive. We are being asked to hear, once again, the voices of the forgotten – the earth, the native peoples, the water, the winds, the Great Mother herself. We are being called higher to see a new world emerging through the light of the coming dawn.

“The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine” reinstates the voice of the Divine Feminine into the discussion of Enlightenment as a means of impacting the evolution of human consciousness and the continuation of life on earth.

We are being called to fully embody WHO WE ARE, who we came here to be with our unique gifts and talents intact. The Divine Mother embodies enlightenment, not by seeking to leave the world, but by loving it, embracing it, and staying in it. At this crucial time in human history, the world NEEDS us to stay, to awaken and to bring the energy of Awakening to the Earth – so that IT MAY LIVE – and LIFE MAY CONTINUE!

Available on January 1st, 2017…theawakeningworld-ks-new

The Love of my Life

I was talking to a woman yesterday and she shared her approach to life with me…

She said that when she goes into nature – to the ocean, the mountains, walking through the forest – she feels so connected. She said that nature is our nature… made known to us by the sense of peace, harmony and unity that we feel when we’re in it — and that this is Love!

Love is a vibration – a field of unity – an oscillation of Joy – that we all feel when we step into it, into alignment with All That Is, into alignment with Who We Are. We resonate with these frequencies because we are It! And we access ourselves when we stop pushing or trying or manipulating – but in just being!

She said that it is here that she found the Love of her Life – the love of her LIFE. Life! Life is alive and breathing and being through us. We are alive! WE are manifestations of the Divine in human form. We are wholly unique expressions of Life itself.

I look around at the rocks and trees – at a grape or at a flower – and I see life that pushed through into this moment, into this manifest reality in this particular way. I see the dance and play of existence vibrating in such a state of celebration for the very fact that it exists!

And then I understand…
Why birds sing. Why plants grow. Why butterflies fly! Because they can! Because they are alive! And the Joy and celebration of Life itself is what makes the world continue! It is why babies are born! It’s why sprouts peek up out of the earth! It’s why spring comes again and again! All for the ecstasy of living!

Even WE, human beings, come here again and again for the exhilaration of the adventure of Life! For when we are alive – anything is possible!! What a gift!

This opened to me – the Love of my Life! My LIFE! and what is Life wanting to do and be and express through me? Oh my goodness… So much! And all in the greatest Joy!!

And then what about Love? Of course I have Love! Because suddenly I can see that everything is a Gift! A Dance! An orchestration for me to uncover the biggest secret of all! For me to uncover the greatest, most precious treasure there is…


From this space of honoring Life, I see that Love is my food – its my water, my air! And everyone and everything that I have ever experienced is just Love wearing different coats…

Now the only question I have to ask of every moment is, “how can I honor the Love of my Life right now?”

I Love my Life…

Judgements and Separation

Judgements are a funny and tricky thing! We are often caught in the result of our judgements remaining entirely unaware and wondering why the world has turned against us…

Yet the truth is that we perceive that others are against us when we, in fact, have perpetrated something against them!

Take this in for a minute…

We perceive that others are against us when we, in fact, have perpetrated something against them!

This is a potentially slippery slope – because there are many, multifaceted, multidimensional layers to this whole dance of conscious awareness! Yes, there are many reasons why seemingly “bad” things happen – all of which stem from us in some way, shape or form – be it this lifetime or the 2,700th before…

Along these lines – it is our own indiscretions, our own judgements that keep us away from others. The world is a mirror – we perceive something has been done wrong to us – when we, in fact, have done something wrong to others. It is our own violations that keep us separated from things and people. And our thoughts are super powerful things!

For instance, a learning that I have been having lately has been around the many places I judge myself and others. In some cases, I have perceived that there were people and situations that had less than my best interest at heart. I had a chance to clear the air with someone who I thought was holding this kind of energy against me, only to find out that they felt that I had been holding negative energy against them and harboring judgements against them. This reflected to me a powerful awareness – that the darts of negativity that are flung or potentially flung by us – are flung at us! I indeed had judged this person – because I thought they were judging me. Yet it was my own fear of not being accepted that was reflected to me in feeling judged – and as a result, I judged! Wow! Super tricky!

The answer that I’ve found is always to love and to forgive and to seek to bring more Joy and help to the world! This balances our injustices and clears away our judgements by the rains of compassion and grace – which, in turn, brings the light of Love once more to our eyes enabling us to see the connections and good in one another. Then we realize that everything and everyone is on our side! All is being orchestrated in love of us! All is helping us! All is for our good! No one is against us but ourselves! And until we realize that it will be reflected in a million eyes and a million smiles. Until we learn to love ourselves, we feel unloved and unsafe by and in the world. The only thing we are charged to hold in our consciousness is beauty, harmony and goodness – this then creates beauty, harmony and goodness in ourselves and in the world around us.

This world is a field of action design for us to see ourselves and to take full responsibility for what we are creating and have created.

The world is a field for our rehabilitation – of our injustices. Love is the balancer and healer. So forgive everyone and everything. As we care for others, we are cared for. As we give to others, we are given to. As we help others, we are helped. As we Bless others, we are Blessed. It all starts with us!

The Aliveness of Life

The aliveness of life is breathing right through you, asking you to open your windows, inviting you outdoors…

The aliveness of life is exploding as flowers and trees, as rain and as grasses, as Love and as sweetness, as more…

than you’ve ever imagined until you let life in

to dance you and move and call you back home

to yourself

from your journey

on your journey

to find you

and find you life did…

because life made you

and breathed you

and dreamed you

and kissed you

and raised you

and saved you

and taught you to soar…

For the aliveness of life asks for nothing except to…


and to live – Love

for there is nothing more…

And then you will find all the sweet beauty hidden in cracks in the sidewalk and puddles of rain…

around cozy fires, in snowstorms and moonlight

in silence

in music

in the sound of your name

in the words “I love you” & it’s hidden refrain

in the beauty of purpose

in the care of another

in the care for the world…

the aliveness of life finds worthy the seeds that burrow deep in the soil and drink in the water and reach for sunlight with all of their strength…

the aliveness of life grants the wishes of those who have wishes for true love to win…

the aliveness of life Blesses their desire for life in its fullness

and life keeps coming again and again

carried by hope in life…

Fear, Suffering and Awakening

Often as we journey through life there are things by which people are stopped in their tracks. People have fears, insecurities, doubt. In Western culture, we deify youth and have a pervasive adolescent media culture – which keeps people fixated on the hopes of an illusory physical eternality. Hence, in the western world, so much of what we do, what we pursue and who we seek to become is motivated out of the fear of loosing what we have – our vitality – our possessions – our life – in other words, fear of death!

In the movement of so many religious and Spiritual Traditions, non-dual theory, and the talk of the Awakening of Consciousness – there is an acknowledgment that there no death – that we are Eternal Spiritual Beings, having a temporary human experience. The goal of many of these philosophies and doctrines are to reach these expansive states of conscious awareness.

A question that I often hear is – does the capacity for human beings to be simultaneously having both a Spiritual/ Cosmic Experience AND a physical/ human experience negate the fear of death – or fear altogether? If we know we’re spiritual beings, then everything is ok, right?

But what if, we are actually more afraid of suffering than we are of death?

Even the Christ had his moments in the Garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion. However enlightened we are, if we are in this human form, we have a degree of identification with the human body. Our Soul is attached to our body – it is that which animates our physical vehicle.

So then how can we live in a way of freedom from fear of suffering?

Once we Awaken – we experience the peace of All that Is. We experience the Oneness, the beauty, the perfection of all existence. Yet, we may still be stung by this world. Because once we awaken – we rest at “Cause”. “Cause” sits aloft, basking in perfection. Yet, the consequences of this “Cause” are that we are immediately met in the world, by our own thoughts, words and actions. The world then becomes an immediate reflection of who we are and what we’ve done.

Most people have a buffer between their actions and the effects and so may not realize their direct causation. But when you are fully awakened, you see and feel the effects of your choices immediately. This can lead to suffering.

We suffer when we step out of the flow, when we act out of harshness, when we try too hard – really, when we forget that all of the Universe is engaged in the greatest Love affair of all times with our Being – and we think we need something other than exactly what we have. Because what we have is what we’ve given to ourselves. Nothing that comes to us is an accident. Nothing that happens in our lives is by chance. And the more we war and the more we rage against the present moment, the more we deny the Truth of our own Creative Agency – the more we deny the Truth of “God”-ness. For, we have made all that we see, we have created all that is, we have joined in conjunction with the rest of humanity to participate in this collective experience that people call reality. But, it is nothing more than our creation. And WE CAN CHANGE THAT CREATION!

In fact, the gift of awakening is an experiential gift, yes, but at this time and place in the evolution of human consciousness – it is also a window into the Divine Soul of God – through which we can learn the Universal Laws and then through our awareness create a more beautiful collective experience. One, which serves to uplift others. One that serves to uplift the world in Joy, harmony and Love.

But this is not a magic show independent of the magician. We are the magician and must learn to use our powers wisely, if we are to change the collective dream. For once you wake up, the stings of learning are much greater. So, although we are Eternal, once we are Awake, we shall constantly be shown the spaces where we have forgotten – and these are the points of suffering.

So, may we release fear of death and fear of suffering – through our Awakening, and further, through our awareness of Universal Law – so that WE stop the suffering – by learning how to play the game, by learning how to dance through the maze, by learning how to run through the rain untouched – and soon learn how to construct the maze, and soon learn how to make the rain fall and soon learn how to make the sun shine – so that all Beings know Love!

It is within us to do all this…

What a gift…

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